Additional Details:

1. Lou Malnati’s Frozen Pizza Coupons: Pizza Coupons may be redeemed at any area Lou Malnati’s Location for one 9-inch frozen pizza (sausage, pepperoni, cheese, or spinach). Valid for 6 months. Coupons will arrive 1-2 weeks after our order is placed. (Members will pass them out to those who ordered them).

2. Poinsettia Fundraiser: A variety of colors are available. Also contains Christmas Cacti and Amaryllis Bulbs. Item delivery will be the first week of December.

3. Midwest Mixes: These are veggie and bread dips, sauces, olive oil blends, meat rubs, and pickle mixes, all fresh and flavorful without added chemicals and preservatives, locally made. They can be made into sauces, marinades, or used as seasoning on meats, veggies, or even popcorn! Each of the veggie dip mixes makes 16 ounces and the rubs season 2 lbs. of meat. Pick up your mixes on Saturday, 11/18/23. If IYDT sells at least 600 dips, the top three sellers will receive Amazon gift cards valued at $50, $25, and $10!

4. Spring Flowers Sale: Flats of annuals, Potted plants, hanging baskets, and vegetables! Delivery will be after Mother’s Day.

5. Cash Raffles: If you select this option, you are committing to selling (or buying) 20 raffle tickets ($5 each) for BOTH OF OUR PRODUCTIONS this year. You pay $100, up front AT NUTCRACKER AUDITIONS and AT SPRING AUDITIONS. You can then sell these cash raffle tickets to recoup your $100 investment! The other option is to put your name on any of your unsold tickets and enter the drawing. Pick up your raffle tickets at auditions. Hand in your filled-out raffle tickets at the in-studio dress rehearsal for drawing that day! Video will be posted to social media. Cash Prizes are $250, $100, and $50.

6. Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser: Fun and easy fundraiser! First and third-quarter Winners receive $125. Halftime winner receives $250. Final score winner receives $500.

7. March Madness Squares Fundraiser: Another fun one! Winners begin getting payouts when the tournament reaches the SWEET 16 (That’s 8 winners receiving $20.) Every square has a chance to win again and again 8 times! For the Elite 8 we gave 4 winners getting $60 each. Every square has a chance to win all 4 times. For the Final 4 we have 2 winners who receive $100 each. Every square has a chance to win both times. For the Championship Game, the winner receives $400! That makes 15 chances to win money in this fundraiser! Type your paragraph here.

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